Vintage 30 Eclectic yet Familiar

Authentic Vintage at Affordable Prices


Teal Velvet Bedroom Chair​

Teal velvet low rider chair with authentic vintage swallow print back

$235 Available at the Hamilton Antique Mall Ottawa St.

Handsome Blue Velvet

A deep rich navy blue accents the carved arms of this occasional chair


Soft Blue Cottage Comfort

Soft blue and white print on a curvy frame with down-filled pillow.

$165  SOLD

Bold Blue

Bright blue wing back with small footprint but a large personality


Romanian Boho Pair

Made in Romania bamboo bentwood compromise with deep teal seat


Solitary Botanical

Armless chair with geometric accent fabric for desk or dressing table


Rattan Bentwood

Rattan bentwood blonde armchair with deep teal vinyl seat


Wicker Settee with Vintage Geometric Cushion

Wicker two-person settee with vintage geometric cushion in pinks, blues and greens